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description: Productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites.
license: 'LGPL3'
depends: curl   python3   libabw   libwpd   libwps   libxaw   neon   pango   nss   libjpeg-turbo   libxrandr   libglvnd   dbus-glib   libxslt   redland   graphite   icu   hyphen   lpsolve   gcc-libs   bash   librsvg   lcms2   hicolor-icon-theme   desktop-file-utils   shared-mime-info   translate-toolkit   xdg-utils   ttf-liberation   libcups   poppler   sane   unixodbc   libwpg   imagemagick   hunspell   mesa   gst-plugins-base   postgresql-libs   libvisio   bluez   liblangtag   libetonyek   libodfgen   libatomic_ops   clucene   glew   glu   vigra   pstoedit   libmythes   boost-libs   libepoxy   kconfig   kcoreaddons   ki18n   kio   kwindowsystem   plasma-framework   python3-lxml   libnumbertext   openjdk   apache-ant  
makedepends: perl-archive-zip   zip   unzip   gperf   cppunit   libldap   doxygen   apr   serf   mdds   boost  
created_at: Saturday Mar 14, 2020 at 20:03
pushed_at: Sunday Jul 12, 2020 at 01:17

How to install?

    KCP helper
  • Searching or getting the needed files from KaOS Community Packages has been simplified with the addition of the package “kcp”. You can click the button to copy the required command kcp and paste it into your console.Copy command
    ZIP file
  • Click the just downloaded package zip and extract file to your build folder. The call to start to build and install the needed dependencies is makepkg -si.Download ZIP