tigervnc 1.6.0-1    

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description: Suite of VNC servers and clients. Based on the VNC 4 branch of TightVNC
url: http://www.tigervnc.org
license: 'GPL'
depends: fltk   pam   gnutls   libjpeg-turbo   libxtst   libxfont   pixman   xorg-xauth   xkeyboard-config   libgl   libgcrypt   perl   libxdamage   xorg-xkb-utils   xorg-server-utils  
makedepends: cmake   nasm   xorg-font-util   xorg-util-macros   bigreqsproto   compositeproto   damageproto   randrproto   resourceproto   scrnsaverproto   videoproto   xcmiscproto   xf86vidmodeproto   xtrans   glproto   dri2proto   dri3proto   presentproto   mesa   imagemagick  
created_at: Sunday Mar 13, 2016 at 18:33
pushed_at: Sunday Mar 13, 2016 at 18:39

How to install?

    KCP helper
  • Searching or getting the needed files from KaOS Community Packages has been simplified with the addition of the package “kcp”. You can click the button to copy the required command kcp and paste it into your console.Copy command
    ZIP file
  • Click the just downloaded package zip and extract file to your build folder. The call to start to build and install the needed dependencies is makepkg -si.Download ZIP