cinelerra-hv 6-1    

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description: A complete audio and video production environment
license: 'GPL'
depends: alsa-lib   bzip2   expat   fontconfig   freeglut   freetype2   gcc-libs   glibc   glu   libdrm   libgl   libpng   libpng12   libva   libx11   libxau   libxcb   libxdamage   libxdmcp   libxext   libxfixes   libxft   libxrender   libxshmfence   libxv   libxxf86vm   mesa   ncurses   openexr   termcap    texinfo   xz   zlib  
makedepends: gcc   libtool   linux-api-headers   nasm   yasm  
created_at: Friday Feb 24, 2017 at 22:30
pushed_at: Friday Feb 24, 2017 at 22:34

How to install?

    KCP helper
  • Searching or getting the needed files from KaOS Community Packages has been simplified with the addition of the package “kcp”. You can click the button to copy the required command kcp and paste it into your console.Copy command
    ZIP file
  • Click the just downloaded package zip and extract file to your build folder. The call to start to build and install the needed dependencies is makepkg -si.Download ZIP